Green Veggies Boost Immunity For Mission Viejo Kids

Green Veggies Boost Immunity For Mission Viejo Kids

Do your children catch every cold that goes around Mission Viejo? Do they regularly have earaches, coughs, or runny noses? Including more green vegetables in their diets could boost kids’ immune systems and help them stay healthy, according to a study in the journal Cell.1

The study found that green vegetables help produce a chemical that is important for a strong immune system. The chemical provides signals to the immune cells in the gut and skin, helping them to function properly.

If your Mission Viejo kids are like mine, convincing them to eat more green vegetables is as hard as getting them to clean their rooms. However, Orange County parents can find sneaky ways to add more green vegetables to their children’s diets.

My kids love pasta and sauce so I puree spinach into the pasta sauce, disguising the leafy green immune booster. Adding kale to protein smoothies is another way to sneak green vegetables into their tummies.

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1Ying Li, Silvia Innocentin, David Rl Withers, Natalie A. Roberts, Alec R. Gallagher, Elena F. Grigorieva, Christoph Wilhelm, Marc Veldhoen, ‘Exogenous Stimuli Maintain Intraepithelial Lymphocytes via Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation,’ Cell, October 28, 2011,, accessed on December 2, 2011

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